Distinct from the rest of the country, Jammu and Kashmir sports a multifaceted, multicolored and unique cultural blend. Not only the geographical conditions of the state are different but it can also be set apart demographically with varied ethical and social entities, diversity of religions flourishing in the area, different language and cultural forms and heritage albeit with an over-reigning harmony that blends in with the serenity and beauty of the region. One gets dazed by the sheer diversity and richness of art and architecture, fairs and festivals, rites and rituals, seers and sagas, languages and mountains that thrive amongst the unparalleled cultural cohesion, which is exemplary.

Kashmir has been the highest learning centre of Sanskrit and Persian as Indo-Aryanic civilization has originated and flourished here. It also embraced the advent of Islam along with the virtues of Persian civilization such as tolerance, brotherhood and sacrifice. Nature’s grand finale of beauty, Kashmir is the masterpiece of earth’s creation and the folk performances of Kashmir are intimately mingled with the moods and movements of the seasons.

Dal Lake and surroundings in Winter

The valley of Kashmir, which has been dubbed as the Switzerland of Asia, is one of the best places to spend your vacations at. Whether it is a small break that you want from your routine life or a spiritual journey in the caressing fields, undulated mountains, crystal clear lakes, gushing streams, you will all find it here.

Kashmir is located to the extreme north of India and is surrounded by very high mountain peaks that are always covered with snow. The water from glaciers swiftly comes down as beautiful streams and the landscape is further adorned with pine and conifer trees, orchards, rustic city and courteous people.

Your excitement will find a new dimension when you will explore some of the high treks where clear water lakes cast a spell. The beauty of Kashmir is in its vast natural resources, its gardens, quite environment and pleasant weather.

Regular visitors have many other reasons to head for the valley, like sports including adventure sports: snow skiing, snow boarding, trekking, mountain climbing, angling and more. With moderate climate in summers and heavy snowfall in winters, Kashmir makes as exception in the entire country.

The journey through the captivating lands of Kashmir is simple awesome and filled with unique experiences that bring us closer to nature and its lovely manifestations. Visit Kashmir and rejuvenate your life.